Ukuziqhenya Kwami Isithunzi Sami (AKA – “My pride my dignity”) campaign 

Help support the education of young girls in South Africa!

Sarvavidya Natyaalaya in support of the Ukuziqhenya Kwami Isithunzi Sami (AKA – “My pride my dignity”) campaign needs your assistance.  The campaign is run by the Johannesburg Institute of Social Services (Lenasia), and we have come on board to assist in collecting items needed for “dignity packs” which will be donated to schools in Lenasia.

These dignity packs are made up of basic hygiene products that will be given to grade 7 female learners, thus ensuring that they do not need to skip school, especially when they are menstruating. 

Included in the hampers are: roll on sticks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, lotion and sanitary pads.

Each term the learners are given a refreshed full hamper, we are currently collecting items and donations for Term 3. We are calling on your support to help make each young girls journey to school a pleasant and happy one.

Added to this wonderful initiative is an ongoing campaign to purchase reusable sanitary pads. Each pack costs R75 and will last three years. We are hoping to collect enough money to purchase 100 packs for the young girls in need – please also feel free to contribute towards this if you wish.

Your assistance and generosity will be greatly appreciated, let’s help educate our girls!!

Outstanding items for term 3:

167 x sanitary pads

83 x lotion

100 x face cloths

How to donate:

  1. Drop off any of the items listed above to one of our teaching venues:
  • Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir, Patidar Hall, Salvia street, Ext 3, Lenasia – between 8am and 4pm every Saturday
  • Sivan Allayam, 704 Khan Crescent, Actonville, Benoni – between 6pm and 8pm every Monday
  • Siva Subramaniar Temple, 3 Benares Street, Roshnee – between 5:30pm and 7:30pm every Friday

 2. Monetary donations – Both individuals and companies can make donations. These funds will contribute towards the purchase of outstanding items and the reusable pads.


Bank details:

Acc name SVN

Acc # 62339264848

Branch code 250655

Bank FNB

Reference: JISS Donation


Thank you for your support!!

Copyright Sarvavidya Natyaalaya © 2010

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