The Infinite One

Dates: 4 and 5 June 2022
Times: 7:30pm (Sat) and 3:00pm (Sun)
Venues: Lesedi at Joburg Theatre
Tickets: R200 per person – available at or call 0861 670 670
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Sarvavidya Dance Ensemble returns to the stage after a three-year hiatus, this long absence, which is mostly due to the impact that the pandemic has had on dance and theatre spaces, has simultaneously affected the presence of Bharatanatyam in the contemporary dance landscape in Johannesburg. As dancers, we take this moment to return to the public domain with an offering of this art form and a veneration of the divine masculine, who is also said to be the first dancer of the universe, according to Hindu metaphysics.
The Infinite One evokes its title from the name Shiva, who is said to be the masculine principle of the universe. He is said to be the beginning and end of all existence and is often described as infinite, endless, and without characteristics. In the form of Nataraja, meaning Lord (raja) of dance (nata), he enacts the principles of creation and destruction through his movement and vibration. While this offering of dance aims to centre the male principle, it of course acknowledges that Shiva is only active because of his relation to the feminine principle of the universe. The manifestation of Shiva in the form of Ardhanareshwara, in which he and the goddess take on the form of an androgynous being: Shiva, the male, is consciousness, while Shakti, the female, is primordial energy. From Shiva’s infinitude we invoke the five elements which are associated with his dominion, from which all of creation is believed to have sprung forth. Our re-entering of the stage gestures towards the multiple layers of Shiva’s iconography, an invocation and his movement, through a humble offering of Bharatanatyam.
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