SHrEe: I am Shakti

Date: 15 September 2018

Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm

Venue: Gandhi Hall, Lenasia

Tickets: R100 per person

Following our successful 2017 production titled SHrEe: I am more than just my body, Sarvavidya Natyaalaya brings to you the second edition in this explorative series, titled SHrEe: I am Shakti. This production moves beyond viewing women as the survivor, the bride, the wife and the widow, and instead recognises her as Shakti – the primordial cosmic energy. The uninhibited power that is the embodiment of creation, transformation and liberation in all women and men.

The first iteration of SHrEe in 2017, challenged the core of our societal fabric and exposed the raw truth of patriarchy in our communities that is seen to stem from repressive ‘cultural’ norms[1]. Using dance, we aimed to create a space where women were able to claim back their emotional, physical and spiritual power, which then culminated in Her finding a state of equilibrium and equality. In this second edition, SHrEe: I am Shakti, we use this “state of equilibrium” as the catalyst from which we further unpack understandings of Shakti. We bring to life Shakti as the divine Mother, who is the strength and power that governs all movement, thought and action, She who activates the inert Shiva, or masculine principle. We then shift our focus to how She as Shakti is embodied in the daily experiences of contemporary womanhood. Her strength will be seen through the defiant activism in the form of Valliamma[2], in challenging the false expectations of beauty through issues of colourism, through rewriting the space of domestication as the centre of strength and power, and confronting the difficult generational conversations about what is expected of a woman in contemporary society. Shakti is the one who is nurturing and is an epithet of all-encompassing love – but simultaneously collapses all things into darkness, in which everything is believed to disappear at the desolation of time.

SHrEe: I am Shakti, aims to both challenge pre-conceived ideas and thoughts about womanhood and also reveal how the notion of Shakti is embodied within all human beings as an empowered source of life and strength.

As with all our annual productions, the young and dynamic dancers of SVN will perform in this production. We envision this to be a powerful movement of young girls and women, who use dance as a form of protest and activism that aims to highlight and challenge the inequality and injustice of our society. Join us for SHrEe: I am Shakti, which gives rise to the untold stories, the unchallenged histories, and the uncomfortable conversations.

We would like to thank the City of Johannesburg, Community Development Department for the support and sponsorship of this project.

For further information and tickets, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 082 491 4376. Tickets can be purchased at any of our dance venues – Benoni, Roshnee and Lenasia or at the door.



[1] Some of which are particular to South African ‘Indian’ cultures and communities.

[2] A child activist born in Johannesburg in 1898, who fought the injustices of the racist and oppressive systems that many lived under in South Africa.


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