Pancha Bhoota | Five Elements

Date: 26 November 2016

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Gandhi Hall, Lenasia

Tickets: R100 pp

Pancha Bhoota|Five Elements, SVN’s second major production for 2016, is an exploration of the first five major elements of the world, these are akasa (ether or space), vayu (air), apas (water), agni (fire) and prithvi (earth). Intrinsic to each element is the masculine being Shiva in his different forms, who is in turn activated by the feminine Shakti (supreme power) – this unity then becomes the cause of cosmic creation.

The production opens with the reverberation of the supreme sound AUM – echoing from the infamous damaru (two-headed drum) played by Shiva as he dances his Ananda Tandava, the sound from which it is believed the elements emanate and creation is born. The Pancha Bhoota are displayed through the stylised dexterity of bharatanatyam as well as through innovative exploration of movement itself, where Ganga is praised as the powerful water element and Vayu the puppet master who controls our vital life force through breathe. The various elements gradually unfold throughout the production, culminating in a merging, a dancing together, and an active unity, through the force of Shakti.

Join us in this unfolding of creation through the elements, in blissful union with the divine through dance.

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