Dvitiyam | Duality 

Date: 30 August 2014
Time: 5:00 for 5:30pm
Venue: Gandhi Hall, Lenasia
Tickets: R90 per person 

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Dvitiyam, or duality, is the principle where everything exists in binaries, and which is understood by Hindus to govern the way the universe operates. One of the core philosophies within Hinduism is the understanding that male and female energies reside within every being; that one aspect does not exist without the other; and that there is a constant duality that balances these energies.

An example of this duality is the manifestation of Shiva in the form of Ardhanareshwara, in which he and the goddess take on the form of an androgynous being that is half male and half female: Shiva, the male, is consciousness, while Shakti, the female, is primordial energy. For Shiva to become kinetic consciousness, he must be empowered by Shakti. Without Shakti, Shiva’s consciousness is dormant, but when awakened by his Shakti, the universe that is the construct of Shiva’s thoughts is able to become manifest as a constructed reality (Ashley-Farrand 2003). 

This duality is similarly present in almost every aspect of creation: light, for instance, can only exist because there is darkness; each side of the binary depends on the existence of the other. 

This production brings these contrasting forces together in an attempt to portray their magnificence and inevitability. The goddess is shown to exist both as Kali (dark) and Gowri (light), and Krishna is shown as one who playfully teases the milkmaids, yet heroically defeats the ego of the viscous serpent Kalia. Shiva appears as both the magnificent Nataraja (Lord of Dance) and as the destructive being who roams the cremation grounds with his dark consort as he performs his wild dance of anger. As is customary with the Sarvavidya Natyaalaya, an awareness and focus on divine energy is an important aspect of dance, and we hope to impart some of this energy to our audience. 

Join us for an evening of blissful union with the divine through dance as we take you on a journey that connects you with both he and she, light and dark, the physical and the transcendent.




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